Megaphone - Exhaust in dull black, chromed cap

Product.Nr.: AP-MCF

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product description

Elegant Cafe racer exhaust / muffler "Megaphone".
With classic counter Cone in the NORTON commando-style.

The exhaust can be disassembled, therefore, the thickness of the insulation is even configurable.
Very good build quality.

Without ABE and E-approved!
This exhaust is only allowed for vehicles, the only

intended for sporting competition on the road or off-road!

Dimensions (similar to photo / icon photo)
-A: 440mm
-B: approx. 44, 5mm *.
-C: approx. 165mm
-D: approx. 115mm
-E: approx. 142mm
-The outside diameter is 95 mm
* incl. 3-tlg. Reducing sleeves set: 35-44, 5 mm


Including stable, also chrome plated clamp.
Without the pictured thin layer glass wool.
This dampens ere little and leaves the exhaust within a very short time.
Better order the special exhaust insulation wool from our store,
See the article number "where-4 H".

The exhaust is suitable for both sides!

When this silencer is a so-called
Absorption silencer. The soundproofing is made of wool,
that is wrapped around a removable perforated pipe.
The amount and type of the winding can be the level of insulation
affect to a certain extent. The upper frequencies are especially
steamed. The silencer insulated in this way are usually
much louder than the so-called reflection silencer.

To effectively insulate this exhaust we recommend the use of our
developed specifically for this exhaust inserts with the order numbers "AP-PDF"
(Reflection absorber) or "AP-MDF" (Absorbtionsdämpfer), can be found in our shop.

The use of exhaust is the easiest way to remove,
by one of the inlet side pushes out here with a broom style.

We recommend the enclosed, chrome plated clamp against the
much higher quality stainless steel clamp from our range
(Product number: "AP-47") to share:
This is significantly slimmer, stainless steel and attached the silencer
uniform and fixed on the manifold.

GB: Silencer/muffler/exhaust in Norton "Commando"-style
FR: Escapement sports

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