Megaphone - Exhaust in dull black, chromed cap

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product description

Attractive exhaust with classic counter cone in Norton "Commando" style.

Can be dismantled (see photo), so the insulation can be configured yourself.
Very good workmanship quality,
ideal for vintage cafe racers.
Also known as Megaphone, Megafon or Megatron.

This rear silencer does not have an EC operating permit ("E-mark") General operating permit,
TÜV report or other operating license or approval marks.
It is therefore within the scope of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), i.e. for use in
Not permitted on public roads.
It may only be assembled and used for rally, competition or show purposes (vintage cars, collectors, etc.).
Before use in road traffic, individual acceptance by the TÜV testing center is required.
We assume no liability as to whether such individual acceptance is possible.

Dimensions (see photo - similar/symbolic photo):
A = 44cm
B = Ø inside 35 mm - 44 mm (3-piece reducing sleeve set is included)
C = 16.5cm
D = 11.5cm
E = 14.2cm
Ø outside max: 95 mm

Includes sturdy, chrome-plated mounting clamp*. Without the thin layer of glass wool shown.
This hardly dampens and leaves the exhaust within a very short time. It is better to order the special exhaust insulation wool
the shop, order number WO-4H
The exhaust is suitable for right and left side installation.

This rear silencer is a so-called absorption silencer. The sound insulation is done via
Insulating wool wrapped around a removable perforated tube. The amount and type of winding can be used
Influence the degree of insulation to a certain extent. The upper frequencies in particular are attenuated. In this way
Experience has shown that insulated rear silencers are significantly louder than so-called reflection silencers (with “chambers” inside).

In order to effectively insulate this exhaust, we recommend using our inserts specially developed for this exhaust
Order numbers AP-PD or AP-PDN (reflection damper) or AP-MD (absorption damper), can be found in our shop (address see logo).

Here is a rating based on the volume of the replacement inserts we offer for the Megaphone exhaust series ( AP-MEF/MBF/MCF ):
1) AP – PDF is the quietest of the inserts as it transforms the exhaust from an absorption to a reflection silencer.
The volume and the back pressure produced can also be further influenced by bending the pipe open or closed.

2) AP – MDF   is a little louder than AP - PDF , in practice it has proven to be well suited for large-volume two-cylinders:
e.g. for the R models from BMW, Triumph Bonneville or Tiger, Moto Guzzi LeMans, Yamaha XS650 etc.

3) AP – PDN offers the least noise attenuation in the range and therefore offers the loudest sound. By slightly modifying the insert
With less passage, the attenuation can definitely be increased and is therefore still quieter than the original attenuators in the Megaphone series.

*We recommend the included chrome-plated fastening clamp instead of the much higher quality stainless steel clamp from ours
Assortment item number: AP-47 to be replaced: This is significantly slimmer, rust-proof and fixes the silencer more evenly
tighter on the manifold!

GB: Silencer / muffler / exhaust in Norton "Commando" style
FR: Échappement sportif

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