MRA Vario-Touring VSA-TYP B 33/22 cm, clear

Product.Nr.: 342-0002-00

99,90 EUR
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  • weight 0,41 kg

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product description

VSA Vario Spoiler is an adjustable add-on spoiler blade for mounting on an existing motorbike screen. Once positioned, the spoiler blade directs the air between the spoiler and the screen so as to prevent turbulence at the upper edge of the screen. Adjusting the spoiler to a steeper angle will increase the delay in air flow, which reduces pressure from headwind without causing turbulence around the rider. This gives you an altogether more comfortable riding experience. The Vario Spoiler easily adjusts to seven different positions by hand – no tools required. The two brackets on the side keep visibility clear for the road ahead without causing eddies in the airflow in this area. There are two ways of mounting the spoiler blade: either by using the clamps supplied, or by drilling into the screen and screwing the blade on. The packaging includes hardware for both mounting methods. Using the clamping method gives you the benefit of being able to dismantle the spoiler blade without leaving any traces. The clamps still keep a firm grip at top speeds.