Oil Control PLUG M18x1.5 with window for BMW R-model

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product description

Practical oil plug with sight glass for all BMW R models.
Replaces the oil filler plug behind the gearshift lever and / or the driveline (depending on the model) for quick control
on the filling and condition of the engine oil.

The main advantage of this stylish component lies in the early recognition of water in the oil. This likes to seep through
leaking speedometer gum and can cause expensive damage in the drive. By early detection by sight glass you can thus
Prevent costly repairs on the gearbox.


Fits the following BMW models:
R50 / 5
R60 / 5 R60 / 6 R60 / 7
R65 R65LS R65GS R65
R75 / 5 R75 / 6 R75 / 7
R80 / 7 R80RT R80 R80G / S R80ST R80 R80GS R80R R80R Mystic R80GS Basic Paralever
R90 / 6 R90S
R100 / R100S R100RS R100RT R100CS R100RT R100RS Monolever R100GS PD R100GS PD R100R R100RMystic
R1150GS R11500RS R1150RT R1150R R1150 Rockster
K75 K75 / 2 K75C K75RT K75S
K100 K100 / 2 K100RS K100RT K100LT K1 K100RS4V
K1100RS K1100LT

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