Oil temperature gauge XJ Fazer 600 XJ TDM 850 1100 FJ 900 FZR

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product description

Oil temperature direct knife life insurance for your motor!

The motorcycle engine is fully loadable only from 80 ° C. High speeds before the
Reaching this temperature have excessive wear of the motor.
Here you see a temperature direct knife, which instead of the original
Oil filler cap is mounted. So, the 'conversion' is done with just a few hand movements.
The needle is protected with glycerine to vibrations. Measurement range of 20 °-140 ° C.

Suitable for the following YAMAHA models:

-FZR 600 / FZR600 with coarse thread
-FZS 600 / FZS600 Fazer ' 99-'03 with coarse thread
-YZF-R 6 / YZF-R6 with coarse thread
-XJ 600 / XJ600 S / N with coarse thread
-YZF 600 R / YZF600 R with coarse thread
-FZR 750 R / FZR750 of r with coarse thread
-YZF 750 / YZF750 SP / R with coarse thread
-TDM 850 / TDM850-'95 with coarse thread
-XJ 900 / S XJ900 diversion with coarse thread
-FZR 1000 / FZR1000 with coarse thread
-FJ 1200 / FJ1200 ' 96 with coarse thread
-XJR 1200 / XJR1200 ' 96 with coarse thread
-XJR 1200 / XJR1200 SP with coarse thread
-FJR 1300 / FJR1300 with coarse thread
-XVZ 12/13 with coarse thread

To safety the following measures with which the original
Compare dipstick oil filler cap / of the original:

-Thread diameter B: approx. 27 mm
-Oil dipstick/temperature probe length A: approximately 28 mm (incl. thread and O-ring)

-Thread pitch C: approx. 3 mm (distance from 2 windings to each other)

You will find oil thermometer with fine thread for many of the above listed types in my shop.

A wise investment that pays for itself very quickly!

2 years warranty!

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