"RR"-Oil temperature GAUGE for Honda XBR/GB 500 Clubman

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product description

Oil temperature direct meter - the life insurance for your engine!
The motorcycle engine is only fully loadable from an oil temperature of 80 ° C.
High speeds before reaching this temperature result in excessive wear of the motor.

Here you can see a temperature direct meter of the German manufacturer "RR", which instead of the original dipstick or
the oil filler plug is mounted. The conversion is done so with a few simple steps. The needle is with glycerine against vibration
protected. Measuring range from 20 ° -140 ° C.

Fits Honda XBR 500 and GB 500 Clubman.
- Thread diameter: approx. 20 mm
- Oil dipstick / temperature probe length A: approx. 62 mm (including thread and O-ring)
- Thread pitch C: approx. 2.5 mm (distance of 2 turns to each other)

A real sensible investment that pays off quickly.

In the Honda models XBR500 and GB500 Clubman, the side cover obscures the scale of the oil thermometer.
Therefore, to easily read the temperature, the side cover must be modified or dismantled.

GB: Just exchange the original oil filler-cap with this special oil-temperature gauge.

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