Scrambler-SEAT, f. BMW 2-valve motorcycles, black

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product description

Beautiful, first-class processed bench for the scrambler conversion.

The underframe is deep-drawn from thermoplastic plastic.
This means that it is not as rigid as, for example, GRP.
Experience shows that you indulge in discussions with the examiner
Strength and fracture behavior.

The bench is suitable for 2-person operation.

- Bump / pillion cover: black
- Synthetic leather: black
- Seams: white
We made a conscious decision to use white as the color for the seams.
This has the advantage that you can use an edding (or another
Manufacturer for waterproof pens) can easily be changed to the desired (tank) color.

This seat is suitable for many BMW 2-valve, e.g .:

- R45
- R65
- R75
- R80
- R100
Please compare the dimensions before buying!

- Total length: approx. 690mm
- Front width: approx. 210mm (measured on the inside)
- length d. Seat: approx. 645mm
- max. width (center): approx. 270mm (measured on the inside)
- Other dimensions on request.

For assembly, the fender must be removed or modified as it is between
builds the frame tubes too high. The attachment points must also be individual
be designed by yourself. We recommend a bench base plate for assembly
to use the bench.

You can find these in our shop under the following article numbers:

Bench base plates

made of thermoplastic

610 x 330 x 10 mm


450 x 250 x 8 mm


700 x 300 x 10 mm


made of aluminium

500 x 300 x 4 mm


600 x 300 x 4 mm


You can find tips and tricks for assembling a bench from us
on under "TIPPS".

Please note that we only returned non-matching goods
Full refund without damage.
Therefore, please make sure that the bench is placed on the frame
not to be damaged (e.g. by sharp-edged frame parts or by sitting on it)
without professional assembly). Many Thanks!

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