Seat FOAM PLATE high density 8cm + foam sheet, for Scrambler and Enduro

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product description

Universal foam for benches

Universally usable special foam in saddlery quality , ideal for motorcycle seat construction.
The foam that has been specially designed for use as a bench core and has been tried and tested for years
from KICKSTARTER comes from Germany and has a density of 140 kg/m³, so it
offers excellent comfort even with relatively low thickness (additional comfort pads
see below).

It is best done with an electric hand bread knife (e.g. from Moulinex, see photo) and a
Belt sander cut and shape and then e.g. with Pattex both together (around larger blocks
to put together), with the existing bench foam for padding (see photo), as well
Glue to our bench base plates.

A construction manual   You can find lots of useful tips for building your motorcycle seat on our website
KICKSTARTER page (address see logo) under the menu item “TIPS”. A printout of these instructions
We will also include the following in the scope of delivery upon request:

scope of delivery

- Foam block approx. 660*340*80 mm

- Foam lamination to level the surface, dimensions: approx. 100*50 cm

Fast delivery!

If the order and payment are received on weekdays by 2:00 p.m., shipping will take place

Usually the same day!

We are always happy to answer any further questions you may have about the conversion, including by phone (see numbers).
Imprint. Or email technik@ or use the contact form.

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Further materials for bench construction from our DIY category:

Composite foam, all thicknesses (length*width: approx. 66*34cm):

Thickness 10 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-V1

Thickness 20 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S2

Thickness 30 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S3

Thickness 40 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S4

Thickness 50 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S5

Thickness 80 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S8

Thickness 90 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S9

Comfort pads for additional long-distance comfort:
Foam (soft): KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S1

Gel pad, thickness 10 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-GEL

Gel pad, thickness 20 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-GE2

Complete bench construction sets :

For building a café racer, a “Bratstyle” conversion or a

For sporty motorcycles, the KICKSTARTER item SE-RN5 is ideal

(also available without artificial leather under SE-5A ).

For building a scrambler, an enduro/cross motorcycle or a comfortable one

The KICKSTARTER item SE-RN8 is ideal for touring motorcycle seats

(Without artificial leather: SE-R8A ).

Faux leather , saddlery quality, Made in Germany:

Artificial leather, black: KICKSTARTER shop no. KL-NG

Faux leather, vintage brown: KICKSTARTER shop no. CL-VI

Other colors also available in the Kickstarter shop.

base plates

Bench base plate thermoplastic, 700*300*10 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB FET

Bench base plate thermoplastic, 450*250*8 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-UPB

Bench base plate aluminum, 600*300*4 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-ALK

You can also find rear frame brackets in the shop using the search term “ Loop ”.

I hope you have fun screwing


PS: One of the pictures shows useful tools and other accessories for building a bench.

Of course not included :)

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