SILENCER DAMPING, sound insulation, ca. 200 gr.

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product description

High-quality, loose exhaust wool fiber.
Suitable for filling of silencers of any kind, whether on the motorcycle.
for your car or machinery.

Technical data
-Material: glass fibre
-Use: soundproofing f. mufflers
-Weight: approx. 200 g

Note of quantities of
As a rough guide, we can approximately 200-250 grams of insulation wool
recommend per litre muffler volume.
If necessary depending on the exhaust can be smaller or larger quantities
lead to a better soundproofing. Please try on
Never so much wool as possible in the muffler
to introduce. This could cause that the exhaust louder than
previously is because the wool can absorb no more noise!

The standard insulation wool consists of a glass fibre mix.
When placing and processing of wool, we recommend
Safety clothing
such as gloves, goggles, face mask and a
To wear, disposable overalls
since it otherwise to skin irritation due to the exhaust wool
come may.

The durability of exhaust wool is less for 2-stroke engines
Since the exhaust wool by with burnt oil will become faster,
What has a worse noise to the result!

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