SILENCER "Megaphone" stainless steel 400mm

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product description

Elegant exhaust with classic counter cone in Norton "Commando" style.

Handmade, very good quality workmanship!
Also known as Megaphone, Megafon or Megatron.

Including a stable mounting clamp and a
removable dB eater.
Suitable for both left and right-hand mounting.

This rear silencer is a so-called absorption silencer.
Soundproofing takes place via insulating wool, which is wrapped around a perforated pipe.
The amount and type of winding can influence the degree of insulation to a certain extent.
Above all, the high frequencies are damped.
Experience has shown that the rear silencers are much louder than so-called silencers
Reflection silencer.

This model uses a very high quality, durable insulation material, which is good and
long-lasting sound insulation.

Without ABE and without e-exam!
This exhaust is only permitted for vehicles that are used exclusively
for sporting competition on the
Street or off-road outside the StvZO.

Inlet: 39mm
Overall length: 400mm
Max. Diameter: 105 mm
Mounting hole: 8 mm
Weight: only approx. 1200 g
Material: stainless steel

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GB: Silencer "Megaphone" Stainless Steel

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