Solo-REARFRAME BMW R Bobber, Monoshock models

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product description

Super cool R-model saddle subframe for converting to a bobber.
This rear frame can be exchanged for the original in a short time without any welding work.

Since the tolerances of the BMW frame may increase with those of the rear frame, this can occur
There may be inaccuracies in the mounting holes.
These are not without a hobby screwdriver

further to fix. In this case, we will of course be happy to take the rear frame back.

The following bench seats fit on this rear frame:


Suitable for the Monolever models.

There is no report, so please do the conversion project with an inclined motorbike yourself before ordering

Discuss with TÜV inspector.

There are two problems with the rear frame in conjunction with twin shock models:

1. On the Duolever, the struts are attached to the rear frame.
Since you remove this when converting the bobber, the mounting points are eliminated.
The two tabs on the main frame (where the rear frame is screwed on)
are not suitable for shock absorber mounting. So they should be separated and through
more stable triangular sheets can be replaced. But at least there should be a cross connection
be placed between the original sheets. It's best if you talk to me about it
the examiner about it.
That's why the conversion with a Monolever frame is significantly easier,
since here the shock absorber is attached to the main frame.

2. If the shock absorbers are mounted at such a steep angle,
The damper innards must be replaced to ensure correct function
guarantee. So you can't just use the "normal" shock absorbers
can be used in a length of 420mm.
But this custom-made bobber is no problem. It is priced at
€315.00 for the aluminum (RD-BOB) and €375.00 for the black version (RD-BOS).

Under the item number "KA-BAU" you will find a suitable wiring harness for the rear electrical system (for taillights and indicators).
Saves having to remove the original wiring harness when customizing the motorcycle. The original cable harness can therefore be used

remain in the original rear frame. If you have to go on a trip, you can easily restore the original frame in just a few steps
be used. This means, for example, that you can take advantage of the suitcase set and the large 2-man seat for touring
continue to be used.

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GB: Solo Rearframe for BMW R-models with Monolever

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