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The motoscope VINTAGE

The Motoscope from Motogadget is a very small round instrument, which <
digitally measures the speed and displays it via a stepper motor and pointer
precise analog.
The installation diameter of 49 mm and the installation depth of only 24 mm
there are many possibilities for installation. The finish and the
quality meet Motogadget's usual high standard.
Refined technology makes the classic look possible without compromise.
The dial works completely without display cutout and LCD. Thus
the motoscope is very harmonious, convincing in classic style and uses
digital technology extremely unobtrusive.
In addition, the instrument is equipped with four control LEDs.
The perfect solution for purists and minimalists.
One-time steampunk look. Yellowed and cracked dial in conjunction with the solid brass ring a unique appearance.

Instrument in detail

The high-quality aluminium housing is turned on CNC machines from the solid,

brushed and its surface anodized black. The case is 100% waterproof

and insensitive to vibrations.
The dial is based on the streamline design of the 1940s and 1950s.
In addition, a yellowed and cracked surface gives the dial a strong
aged appearance.
The screw ring and the pointer are made of solid brass and handmade
with a patina. The resulting patterns and signs of aging are different for each
instrument and give it an individual, unique appearance.
Behind the black part of the dial is a innovative LED display hidden, which is only visible in red through the dial illuminated and not visible when switched off!
To achieve optimal readability in darkness, sun and twilight,
the brightness of the LEDs is automatically adjusted. If the 200 km/h
are exceeded and the analogue scale is no longer sufficient, the
speed is automatically shown in the LED display.
also the 4 control lamps (blue, red, yellow, green) are integrated in the dial.
They too only become visible during operation.
With the supplied menu button or z.B. the headlight flasher button on the handlebar
is switched between the LED display indicators. The default display
on the display is the time. If required, a short keystroke
the values for total kilometres, trip kilometres, on-board voltage and maximum speed
The menu button is also the input knob for setting the clock and all specific
values of the vehicle. All functions, such as resetting the daily mileage
o. etc. are easy to operate by pressing a button. Default settings or stored values
will of course remain stored without power supply.

Thanks to its very small dimensions, the motoscope can be easily attached to any vehicle using the two
threaded bushings (M3) at the rear. We offer for mounting suitable
Universal holders and outer cups (please ask by mail). Further brackets will follow.

Connection and sensors
The reverse polarity protection, the simple wiring and the detailed mounting and
Instructions for use make it possible for users who have kept
so far from the vehicle electrical system. The supplied speedometer sensor made of stainless steel

is also very small (M5/23 mm) and meets the highest industry standards (IP68).
With the 1.5 m long connection cable it can be easily attached to the front or rear wheel.
The motoscope tiny is compatible with almost all original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors)
the vehicle manufacturer. Any load resistance that may be required is supplied.
In this case only connections are connected and the mechanical installation of a
Sensor becomes completely redundant. An intelligent'teach function' enables the simple
calibration of the speedometer - even for vehicles with sensors on the transmission such as z.B. Buell(TM),Harley-Davidson(TM)
or BMW.

Technical Data and Functions
Installation diameter: 49 mm<
Weight: approx. 96 g
Fastening: 2 x M3 threaded bush
Consumption during operation: approx. 200 mA (load-dependent)
Operating voltage: 9 V - 15 V
Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C<
Function / Measuring range speedometer analog (pointer): 0 - 200 km/h or mph
Numeric speedometer (LED display): 200 - 999 km/h or mph
maximum speed: 0 - 999 km/h or mph
On-board voltage: 9 - 15 V
Time: 00:00 - 23:59
Day odometer: 0 - 999.9 km or mi
total kilometres (adjustable): up to 99 999 km or mi
control lamps: indicator, main beam, neutral, warning lamp

Scope of supply
Motoscope VINTAGE with ca. 50 cm connection cable, mini push-button, complete
plug connector (9-pin), speedometer sensor (M5, stainless steel) with 150 cm connection cable,
2 strong neodymium mini magnets, 2 mounting screws M3 with washer,
load resistor for OEM speedometer sensors, detailed mounting and operating instructions.

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Translated from German by DeepL