Speedometer 60mm, 180km/h, black, K 1.4

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product description

Elegant Mini tachometer with black dial.
Minimal replacement for the original speedometer. The speedometer
comes ready for mounting.
The scale ranges up to 180 km/h and is illuminated.
The speedometer has an odometer.

-Instrument mounting diameter/case diameter (diameter): approx. 61 mm
-External diameter at the top (outer diameter): 67 mm
-Connection for the speedometer cable M12 thread (thread length: approx. 14 mm).
-Housing depth: approx. 55 mm
-Cable length: approx. 270 mm
-The speedometer works mechanically
K-value of 1.4 and thus suitable for the most motorcycles/Japanese.
All old motorcycles work usually with a K-value of 1.0.

If you are not sure which translation has your motorcycle, then
can you even find out whether this instrument the speed
will display correctly. The K value can be determined as follows:

-Circumference of the wheel measure (using tape or by rolling).
-Unscrew wave of the speedometer. Perform 10 turns with the wheel and
This count the revolutions of the now visible Vierkantes.
-Calculation: K number of revolutions of the square = 10 x divided by the wheel circumference in cm.
-Round the result to one place after the decimal point (there are actually only Tachos
the K values 1.0 and 1.4).

Ideal as a cheaper substitute for the incredibly expensive original instruments,
but also great for the Café racer conversion.

Fits well with the instrument holders TA-H60 and KO-60

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