SUBFRAME / rear frame Monoshock BMW R65 R80 R90 R100 Monolever

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product description

Complete, self-supporting rear frame for the BMW R65/R80/R90 "Monoshock" models ( with a spring strut)
Made from high quality chromoly steel.

Before ordering, please compare the photo of the upper strut mount with the one on your motorcycle:
If these are identical, then the frame fits.

This rear frame can be exchanged for the original in a very short time without any flexing or welding work.
The original
shock absorber can also be adopted one-to-one.

There is no report on this, but experience shows that the entry was made after consultation with the TÜV inspector
no problem
because it is a screwed attachment.

Suitable for the following BMW Monolvever , approx. 1984 to approx. 1995, see photo
- R65
- R80
- R100

The following bench seats fit on this rear frame without modification
- SB-T1
- SB-T2
- SB-T3
- SB-T4
- SB-T5
- SB-T6
- SB-T7
- SB-T8
- SB-T9
- SB-T10
- SB-Z6B
- SB-T6D
- SB-ZT6

To install the following benches, the four holes provided in the frame may need to be removed.
be expanded slightly (e.g. with a round file):
- SB-P1
- SB-P2
- SB-P3
- SB-P4
- SB-P5
- SB-P6
- SB-P7
- SB-P8
- SB-P9
- SB-P10
- SB-P11
- SB-P12
- SB-P15

You can also find rear frames for the other BMW “R” models in the Kickstarter shop.

Under the item number KA-BAU you will find a suitable wiring harness for the rear electrical system (for taillights and indicators).
Saves having to remove the original wiring harness when customizing the motorcycle. The original cable harness can therefore be used
remain in the original rear frame. If you have to go on a trip, you can easily restore the original frame in just a few steps
be used. This means, for example, that you can take advantage of the suitcase set and the large 2-man seat for touring
continue to be used.

Under the item number KF-HL you will find an aluminum fender ,
which replaces the unsightly
original plastic fender of all BMW R models.

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GB: REARFRAME for BMW R-model, monolever.

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