Switch cluster for 22 mm handlebars

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product description

Completely wired and ready for connection handlebar fittings made of plastic.
This handlebar fitting is mounted on the left handlebar side
(the connection cables come out to the right side).

This fitting contains all important functions
- Horn
- Turn signals
- Emergency stop
- Sidelights
- Low beam
- High beam
- Starter

Ideal as replacement for the expensive original fittings or for the right
Lenkerseite "aufzuräumen". It is safe to add other functions to the individual switches, such as "Warning flashing" instead of "Not-Aus" or "Lichthupe" instead of "Elektrostarter".

Cable color assignment
- black: mass
- black/white;: Emergency stop (gets ground if ON)
- blue/white: Starter (gets ground if ON)
- blue: plus f. headlight
- yellow: plus f. low beam
- green: Plus for main beam
- brown/white: Plus for turn signals
- brown: turn signals left
- dark green: turn signal right
- pink: horn (gets mass when ON)

Translated from German by DeepL