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product description

The perfect adhesive for our seat foams and imitation leather profile rubber adhesive Petec
in the brush box.

One-component, heat-resistant contact adhesive for indoor and outdoor bonding as well as for large-area bonding of rubber profiles, solid rubber, foam rubber, natural rubber, leather, linen, felt, hard PVC, butyl rubber, also in connection with wood, aluminium, steel and fiber cement panels, e.g. on cars ((Door rubbers, seals, insulating mats, panels), caravan, boat and in the household.


- Resistant to the effects of water (including seawater), petrol, diluted acids and alkalis

- free of aromatic solvents

Technical specifications:

Colour: yellowish - transparent

Temperature resistance: -30°C to +120°C°

Curing time: approx. 48 hours at room temperature

Content: 350 ml

Packaging: brush can


Adhesive surfaces must be dirt-free, grease-free and dry. Apply adhesive evenly to both parts and allow to dry at room temperature (approx. 10 minutes). When the time for bonding has been reached, the surfaces to be bonded are brought together exactly and pressed, rolled or rubbed down vigorously. Do not knock! The glued parts adhere immediately. Curing time: approx. 48 hours at room temperature.

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