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product description

These 100% waterproof multiple connectors are used in many vehicles
Used for wiring ignitions, ignition coils and sensors. Among other things
These plugs are used by Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Ducati. The plugs
are resistant to UV radiation, salt, water, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid,
Coolant, engine and gear oils. The housing lock causes a
prevents the plugs from vibrating unintentionally.

Technical data
- 100% waterproof, IP67
- high current carrying capacity 14A per contact
- Corrosion protection: tin-plated contacts
- large temperature range -40° to +125°
- black nylon housing (polyamide 6.6)
- Plug suitable for Ducati, etc.
- with housing locks
Length of the plugged connection: 54mm

WD "Complete" multiple plugs are available with pin housing, socket housing,
Cable seals (2.6-3.3mm) and contacts (0.5-1.5mm² tin-plated) supplied.

In our shop you will find multiple connectors with 1-6-pin housings.
You can find these under the article numbers:
- SY-WD1
- SY-WD2
- SY-WD3
- SY-WD4
- SY-WD5
- SY-WD6

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