Celluar/FOAMED RUBBER for racing seats (550*260*16mm)

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product description

Best cellular rubber, ideal for the racing motorcycle seat construction.

This plate is ideal for cushioning the by
offered by us racing seat FRP-based on the
uncompromising sports usage.


approx. 500 x 250 x 15 mm

Weight: approx. 280 g

You will find useful tips and tricks for installing the seat at www.kickstarter.de under 'Tips'

-Lightweight (430 grams when you use the whole plate)

Fits with something craftsmanship on the following seats:


Bench accessories is available at following
Part numbers here in the shop:

20 mm SB-S2
30 mm SB-S3
50 mm SB-S5
80 mm SB-S8

Seat base plate
610 x 330 x 10 mm SB-RET
450 x 250 x 8 mm SB-UPB

Art leather
Earth Brown KL-TER
Brown KL-BR
Vintage Brown KL-VI
Vintage beige KL-VHB
White KL-WS
silver/grey KL SI
Black, lightly grained (large) KL-1S
Black, grained KL-BB
Black, grained (large) KL-B1S

Foam rubber
520 x 250 x 15 mm MO-OS

Saddle construction accessories
Saddle mount SA-HA
Saddle hairpin springs SA-CF
Saddle barrel springs SA-CBB

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