D.I.Y. SEAT BASE panel f. Cafe-Racer, 450 x 250 mm

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product description

The "Do It Yourself" SEAT BASE PLATE made of thermoplastic for motorcycle seat construction

Here the base plate for motorcycle seat construction that has been tried and tested for years: the thermoplastic
Carrier plate from KICKSTARTER, the DIY shop when it comes to converting a motorcycle into a cafe racer
or scrambler goes.

This high-quality base plate combines numerous advantages :

It can be deformed by heat (eg with a hot air gun).

After cooling, it retains the selected shape.

Then the panel can be cut to size perfectly : similar to wood

it can be sawed, cut, drilled and, for example, sanded down / rounded off at the edges

(to protect the cover from damage).

If this plate rests directly on the lacquered frame, it will not work that way

quickly penetrates the paint, such as a metal base plate.

The seat cover can be glued effortlessly on the underside (for example with Pattex)
and even staple it , which lowers costs if the bench is then to be covered by a saddler.

Of course, the material does not splinter, is paintable and weatherproof.

scope of delivery

- 1x thermal base plate 450x250x8 mm, the measure has for more than a

Proven for a decade: The best choice when it comes to building a bench with individual

Person approval is possible (other dimensions: see below)

- 4 pieces of nuts / Einziehmuttern (M6) for mounting the plate to the framework are

also included. The best way to do this is to use the holes for the 4 "barbs" in the carrier plate



- You can find building instructions and lots of useful tips for building your motorcycle seat on our
KICKSTARTER page (see logo for address) under the “TIPS” menu item. A printout of these instructions
we will also include the scope of delivery on request.

With a little manual skill, it will fit the following benches:


Fast delivery!

If orders and payments are received on working days by 2:00 p.m., dispatch takes place in the

Usually on the same day!

We are always happy to answer further questions about the renovation, also by phone at

02171 3667947 and mobile at 0151 24085135 . Or email us at technik @ or

uses the contact form.

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Further materials for bench construction from our DIY category:

Complete bench construction sets :

For building a café racer, a “Bratstyle” conversion or one

The KICKSTARTER article SE-RN5 is ideal for sporty motorcycles

(also available without artificial leather under SE-5A ).

For building a scrambler, an enduro / cross motorcycle or a comfortable one

The KICKSTARTER article SE-RN8 is ideally suited for a touring motorcycle seat

(Without artificial leather: SE-R8A ).

Composite foam 66x34cm (can be glued directly onto the base plate with e.g. Pattex), Made in Germany:

Thickness 10 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-V1

Thickness 20 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S2

Thickness 30 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S3

Thickness 40 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S4

Thickness 50 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S5

Thickness 80 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S8

Thickness 90 mm: KICKSTARTER shop no. SB-S9

Comfort requirements for additional long-distance comfort:
Foam (soft): KICKSTARTER Shop-No. SB-S1

Gel pad, thickness 10 mm: KICKSTARTER Shop no. SB-GEL

Gel pad, thickness 20 mm: KICKSTARTER Shop no. SB-GE2

Artificial leather , saddler quality, Made in Germany:

Artificial leather, black: KICKSTARTER Shop no. KL-NG

Artificial leather, vintage brown: KICKSTARTER Shop no. KL-VI

Other colors also available in the Kickstarter shop.

Base plates , other formats

Bench base plate thermoplastic, 610 * 330 * 10 mm: KICKSTARTER Shop-No. SB-RET

Bench base plate thermoplastic, 700 * 300 * 10 mm: KICKSTARTER Shop no. SB-FET

Bench base plate aluminum, 600 * 300 * 4 mm: KICKSTARTER Shop no. SB-ALK

You can find the rear frame bracket under the search term " Loop " in the shop.

Have fun screwing


PS: The last of the pictures shows useful tools and other accessories for bench construction.

Of course not included in the scope of delivery :)

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