Double oil-line to feed for BOTH rocker arms! SR500 XT500

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product description

SR500 double oil pump

Here you can see a high-quality double oil pump / oil riser,
temperature - and pressure-resistant. Now available in plain black, without Stahlflexummantelung.

This product offers the following advantages compared to the original oil line management:

-direct lubrication of both rocker arms and valves
-This much lower wear of the valve stem
-lower operating temperature by the supply of cooler oil
-the valve clatter is significantly
-more than 15,000 km without valve adjustment possible

The mounting is very easy (Assembly instructions enclosed) and is to within 10 minutes
accomplish. The oil riser don't even have to be bled after installation...

Condition: Brand new.

An ideal investment in the stability of the engine.

Also with Stahlflexummantelung available.

GB: oil-line to feed BOTH double rocker arm! Including english instruction.
FR: Souple canalisation d ' huile lubrifier les 2 culbuteurs et ' arbre a cames en direct
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