ELECTRONICBOX Multi Flasher Relay Axel Joost 6-16V

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product description

Load independent universally applicable flasher control unit / turn signal relay.
This extremely small, load-independent, digital flasher is ideal for LED turn signals conversions, but also suitable for
conventional 10 watt or 21 watt bulb turn signals. It was designed for use with turn signal buttons, such as ours
Articles LS-TAB , LS-TAC , LS-3AB , LS-3AC , LS-3ZB , LS-TZB , AR-LAB , MG-SM , MG-SB and many more.
The very small flasher relay (16x38mm) has a comfort flasher function, ie it switches after 4 x flashing, 30 x flashing or
180 x flashing, depending on the duration of the button press. There is also a show-blink function is available, it
will flash
Blinker 2 times as soon as the ignition is activated.
Pressing both turn signals simultaneously activates the hazard warning function.

about 38mm x 16mm x 11mm (without cable)

Technical specifications:
Power consumption: Max. 7mA microcontroller, 2 x 4 Ampere power unit
Input voltage: 8 - 13.8 V - briefly up to 18 volts
Connections: Control section 0.5mm², power section 1 mm², each 10 cm
Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
Permissible current from the 12V connection: 2 x 4 amps, short-circuit proof

The Multi Flasher Relay comes with installation instructions.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

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