Mechanical Easy Clutch Booster

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product description

Mechanical clutch cable amplifier/clutch booster "EZ-Clutch"
to significantly reduce the operating forces on the clutch.

Put an end to aching wrists caused by stiff clutches:
By changing the leverage, the force required to operate the clutch with this
Effectively reduced clutch booster.
The desired leverage can be adjusted in three stages (the longer the lever travel, the less effort is required).

During assembly, please note that when the clutch is not actuated, there must still be enough play in the cable and
that the coupling separates completely after assembly. If in doubt, leave the installation to a specialist.
Please also ensure that the clutch binding is not due to a worn or mis-routed clutch
clutch cable lies.

The housing and all functional parts of this high-quality clutch cable booster are made of aluminum and steel.
Suitable for almost all motorcycles with a cable clutch, not suitable for hydraulic clutches.
The clutch cable may have to be routed differently.

Can be mounted on the engine at the top of the clutch lever or at the bottom of the clutch control.


- Height: 16mm
- Width: approx. 56mm
- Length: approx. 63mm
- Length of train: approx. 140mm
- Length of the adjusting screws: approx. 30mm

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Clutch B ooster, Easy Clutch

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