Oil temp. gauge for BMW R 45 65 75 80 100

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product description

Oil temperature direct meter - the life insurance for your engine!

The motorcycle engine can only be fully loaded from an oil temperature of 80°C. High revs before reaching
this temperature will
result in excessive engine wear.

Here you can see a direct temperature gauge, which is screwed in instead of the original oil dipstick.
The 'conversion' is done in a few simple steps . Like the original, the measuring stick is 28.5 cm long.
Measuring range from 20°-140°C.

Suitable for the following BMW models (almost all 2-valve):
- R 45 p
- R65
- R 75/7
- R 80 R/RT/ST
- R100CX/R/RS/RT
- R 100 GSPD

To be on the safe side, please compare the following dimensions with those of the original oil dipstick:
- Thread diameter B: approx. 26 mm
- Oil dipstick/temperature sensor length A: approx. 290 mm (incl. thread and O-ring)
- Thread pitch C: approx. 1.5 mm

Full 2 year guarantee. A really sensible investment that pays for itself very quickly.
The logo in the oil thermometer may vary, but the manufacturer is always the same.

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