Oil temperature gauge, YAMAHA SRX600 / SRX6

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product description

Oil temperature direct knife life insurance for your motor!

The motorcycle engine is fully loadable from an oil temperature of 80 ° C only. High
Speeds before reaching this temperature have excessive wear
of the motor. Moreover, the German version of the SRX (without overheating
Oil cooler) regularly.

They offer which instead of the original on a direct temperature gauge,
Dipstick is inserted. The "conversion" is so easily
taken care of. The needle is protected with glycerine to vibrations. Measuring range from
20 °-140 ° C.

Please the following measures comparable with those of the original oil filler cap / the original dipstick for safety:

-Dimensions: Length A (thread + oil dipstick): 7.8 cm.
-Diameter thread B: approx. 20 mm.
-C: 2.4 mm, 2 coils.

The logo in the oil thermometer may vary if necessary, the manufacturer is always the same.

A wise investment that pays for itself very quickly.

Fits all Yamaha SRX600

Of course with 2 years warranty.
A wise investment that pays for itself very quickly!

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