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product description

Self-adhesive bench repair sticker made of black imitation leather.
With this repair sticker you can easily restore your torn seat.
Absolutely high quality from DAYTONA, made in Japan.

The underside of the sticker consists of a self-adhesive acrylic layer with a light polyester film
and is thus water resistant.

Size: 110x170 mm

1. simply cut the sticker to the desired size
2. First clean the area to be treated with a neutral cleaner of oil and other dirt residues
3. Before applying the sticker, make sure that the area to be treated is smoothed out
4. then stick the sticker taut on the damaged area

General information:
- Heavy pressure and advanced aging of the seat cause a weaker adhesion of the sticker
- If the sticker is attached to the corners of the seat, it may be that it subsequently loosens again
- Ultraviolet radiation may cause the sticker to fade
- The sticker basically does not protect against further damage to the seat, it does not keep water completely
- not applicable to sheepskin seats
- not applicable on uneven surfaces

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