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product description

Elegant exhaust with classic counter Cone in the Norton "Commando"-style.

Very good build quality!

Including sturdy clamp.
Both the Assembly left and right suitable.

When this silencer is to a so-called absorption silencer.
The sound insulation is via wool, which is wrapped around a perforated pipe.
The amount and type of the winding can be the level of insulation
affect to a certain extent. The upper frequencies are dampened especially.
The silencer insulated in this way are usually clear
louder than so-called reflection silencer.
In addition, this model has a removable dB eater.

This model is a high-quality, durable insulating material
obstructed, which makes for a good sound insulation.

Without ABE and E-approved!

This exhaust is only allowed for vehicles, the only
intended for sporting competition on the road or in the grounds

Inlet: 50 mm
Overall length: 325 mm
maximum diameter: 100 mm
Mounting hole: 8 mm
Weight: only approx. 1000 g
Material: Stainless steel

Suitable for KR-K1, as well as many BMW models.

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