speedo für BMW, 48mm, R 45

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product description

Manufactured mini speedometer as minimalist
Replacement for the original speedometer, made in Germany. The speedometer
comes in a completely black Cup. The scale ranges
up to 200 km/h, has a black dial and is
warm white light.


-Instrument mounting diameter (diameter): 48 mm
-Od (outer diameter) ring: 52 mm
-Total length/lenght Cup (without accessories/cables): 50 mm
-Connection for the speedometer: BMW standard M18
-The speedometer works mechanically / Eddy current principle
-K value of 1.0 and so fits many R45 models

If you are not sure which translation has your motorcycle,
then you can find out yourself, whether this instrument the
Speed will display correctly. The value of K can be as follows

-Circumference of the wheel measure (using tape or scroll down)
-Unscrew wave of the speedometer. Perform 10 turns with the wheel
and while the revolutions of the now
-visible Vierkantes count
-Calculation: K number of revolutions of the square = 10 x divided by the wheel circumference in cm
-Round the result to one place after the decimal point
(There are actually only speedos with the K values 0.7 or 1.0 and 1.4)

Ideal as a cheaper substitute for the incredibly expensive original instruments, but
also great for the Café racer conversion.

Important note

Please note that the BMW R models, the Red charging light on every case
further be operated must, because otherwise the alternator generates no power.
The charging light may also can hidden place (E.g. in lamp pots) mounted or
completely be replaced by a resistor (article number KO KIS).

GB: Small motorcycle speedo
FR: Petit tachymètre / compteur

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