motogadget LED indicator m-Blaze ICE, black

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Description du produit

motogadget indicator m-Blaze ICE
Cool as Ice! The m-Blaze ICE is the brand-new, bolt-on LED indicator from motogadget.

It is a completely new concept, has a fascinating design, and is the technically sophisticated implementation of a proven component.

Due to the transparent lens body made of scratch-resistant plastic, the m-Blaze ICE has a very neutral and subtle look. The small base is made from Billet aluminium and available with an anodized black or mirror polish surface. The indicator light goes perfectly with all styles, finishes and all types of motorbikes.

Using the motogadget TranzLight-Technology (TLT, patent pending), the transparent indicator body becomes the light source itself. TranzLight-Technology smartly uses the total internal reflection of light waves. With this progressive approach, indicator casings not only have been miniaturized, but this also creates new lighting concepts directly through a crystal-like lens body. Only the precision of optical CAD calculations and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes provide this new design and its functionality.

The luminous flux required for the TranzLight technology is generated by the intensiLED procedure developed by motogadget. It consists of three important pillars:
- specifically selected, phosphor-converted high output LED with the highest efficiency and 3W total output and a service life of more than 50,000 hours
- IC controlled constant power source with 330kHz pulses
- special collimator optics, that precisely bundles the diffuse emission light from the LED into the lens body

An important aspect of the TranzLight technology is the safety advantage due to enhanced visibility of the indicator. The light is emitted at an almost 180° angle and thus visible from the front, side and rear of the motorbike.

The bolt-on indicator is equipped with a flexible absorber and thus mechanically isolated from the fastening threads. This protects the assembly from vibrations and mechanical stress.

m-Blaze ICE has an E-mark and is approved as a front and rear indicator.

Length w/o mounting thread: 65 mm
Total length w/ thread: 83 mm
Max. diameter: 20.5 mm
Cable length: about 100 cm
Weight: about 15 g
Installation: M8 threaded bolt

Power consumption: about 3 Watt
The indicator can be installed like any other LED indicator with load resistors or all of our load independent flasher relays (m-Flash, m-Wave, m-Stop, m-Relays+).

Parts delivered:
One m-Blaze ICE indicator with M8 thread, M8 nut, approx. 100 cm connector cable, installation instructions.

Please order two indicators for a pair and four indicators for front and rear use!